Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nothing exciting to post about today, just wanted to get used to sharing thoughts, plans, etc., more often.

This weekend is another busy one. Fixing up things around the house & yard + we have Amy-Renee's wedding to go to tonight! :)

MG & Miriam are out studying right now while Elias & I are cleaning up, fixing up and (well, Elias at least) playing in the yard.

We have a lot of projects coming up, some of which we'll post our experiences with here.

Most importantly, our 55+ year old house has horrible breathing in the attic. Ideally, you want your attic area the same temperature as the outside (within 5-10 degrees F). When we had loose fill fiberglass insulation blown into the attic, we told them we wanted soffit baffles installed so that the insulation wasn't blown to the edges of the attic. Did they? Nope. :(

On top of that, the house doesn't have soffit intake ventilation or any outgoing roof ventilation. It only has two gable vents, one each on the north and south ends of the house. That's it.

The general rule of thumb for ventilation is to take the square footage of your attic and divide by 150 to get the total amount of ventilation you need. Split the needed ventilation between the incoming and outgoing. Our current ventilation is woefully inadequate and is causing a number of problems, as you can imagine.

Ridge ventilation would be nice. Our initial plans are to move the loose insulation away from the edges and install soffit vents. Next, we'll either install a ridge vent or a solar powered exhaust vent in the north side gable vent. The north side is sunny while the south side is shaded all day.

As we go forward, hopefully we'll be able to put pictures, steps, etc., here for anyone interested.

We also have to fix leaks around the exhaust vents for the gas water heater and the fan in the 2nd bathroom, fix the gutters and the ends of the gutter drains (including regrading some of the landscaping around the back edge of the house), redo the air conditioner's PVC drain line (it comes down, goes up a little bit and then goes back downhill before even leaving the crawlspace), patch up some ducts in the crawl space, remove all the cursed privet in the back yard, etc.


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