Monday, June 22, 2009

Bonnaroo 2009

Having been to Bonnaroo once, in 2004, I was a little better prepared this time around. However, unlike in 2004, I volunteered with Kingdom Promotions through Beau Armistead in exchange for a wristband for the weekend. I met quite a few people on this trip, a number of whom lived in Birmingham and were volunteering as well. (hello Lee, Taylor, Alex, Stephanie, John, Tuesday, Travis, Kelly, etc.)

I ended up working the VIP tollbooths on Thursday, some of it during the rain. Amy Grant, a friend of hers, and their daughters, made their way through. She knows my cousin and that side of my family, so I said hello & tried not to get too chatty while helping them sort out their RV upgrade, decal, etc. (if you ever read this, hello Amy! :))

There was a lot of great music this year, too much to see all that I wanted. I took a few pictures and some video, though I didn't carry the camera or my phone around much because the weather was so iffy. Friday night there was a huge storm heading our way with large hail & 40-50 mph wind, so I left everything at the car during Phish's late night set...and, of course, the storm never made it. The skies cleared by 11:30pm.

Here's a panorama I took down in the front of the pit of What Stage just before Phish came out Sunday night to wrap up Bonnaroo:

Here are some small clips of Phish on Sunday night.
(I haven't uploaded all of the videos yet, but hope to soon. Once they're all up, I'll edit this post to reflect that.)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It was a great weekend for great beer. :) Several beers made their debut in AL this weekend (I wish Sweetwater's Happy Ending Stout would've shown up!) and a number of high gravity beers made the selection the best yet.

I forgot to take a picture of every sample I tasted, but here are all but 14 of them.

The brewfest sold out before the event started, but the logistics were handled much better this year. Looking forward to next year.

Speaking of anticipation...I'm volunteering at Bonnaroo this year. MG & I went in 2004, so this won't be too new, but there are a large number of great bands there including two nights of Phish. Volunteers work a couple of shifts, get some food, close camping & free entrance! :)

Even if it rains, it promises to be a great time...