Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I took time during lunch to touch up an old, faded photograph of Mary Grace's immediate family + her aunt and grandmother. It was taken several months before Mary Grace was born:

Bresowars and Grandmother Meade, summer 1983

Here is the original:

Bresowars and Grandmother Meade, summer 1983 (original)

You can see that most of the photo has faded except the edges, as they were hidden behind the frame over the years.

I started by making a feathered selection around the faded area. I adjusted the levels, manually corrected the color balance in the shadows/midrange/highlights, adjusted the levels again and then did some minor touch up with the spot healing tool.

The result isn't perfect, but good enough. :)

It's much easier work when the original hasn't been in the sun:

the Bresowar family, December, 1985


Amanda said...

I love those pictures...and the bresowar's! I think you did a great job David :-)

david and mary grace said...

Thanks Amanda. :) How did you find your way to our little blog (that doesn't get updated nearly enough!)?