Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hello to who ever is reading this... probably just David or myself (not to exclude anyone). This is my first time to ever post a blog. So... just to catch everyone (or ourselves) up to date from last entry: .... actually not much is changing or too terribly exciting. We are kindof just laying low in between all of the time we have spent and are about to spend with family for the holiday seasons.

Just last week we went to Tennessee to meet Kristens family and celebrate Thanksgiving. We ate a previously happy turkey and then spent 2 days in Knoxville relaxing a bit. When we got back into town we celebrated Elizabeth's, Daniel's, David's and my birthdays. Fun stuff... Elizabeth got drunk and there was a cover band. wow.

Anyway, we have our one year anniversary coming up on the 11th of December and then shortly after that we are going to be going up to Colorado to spend Christmas with David's clan. After that we have 4 days with my side of the family and then hopefully a long nap... didelly doodilly neighburroo.....

So, mostly all's well here. Miriam is amazing. She is rolling over now from her back to her stomach and finds it utterly amusing to do so while having her diaper changed. Her personallity is growing fuller and situations are now starting to have more perminate effects on how she feels each day.

Well the computer is messing up again so i shall go read instead.
much love to all